Zoey Luna Signs with A3 Artists Agency for Representation

Zoey Luna has new representation…

The pioneering Latina transgender youth activist turned actress, who stars in The Craft: Legacy star Zoey Luna has signed with A3 Artists Agency.

Zoey Luna

Luna portrayed Lourdes in The Craft: Legacy and currently can be seen in Universal’s Dear Evan Hansen, directed by Stephen Chbosky.

Luna was the subject of the groundbreaking documentary film Raising Zoey, chronicling her journey of how she was determined to live her authentic life, and fought school officials in the Los Angeles school system with the ACLU for her right to self-identify in school between ages 12-15.

She was also part of Laverne Cox’s documentary film Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word for MTV and the documentary 15: A Quinceañera Story for HBO.

She began her acting career with a lead role in the Rosario Dawson-directed short film Boundless and she most recently appeared in the season finale of FX’s award-winning series Pose.

Luna served as the grand marshal at the 2015 LA Pride parade, is the recipient of the San Diego Equality Award and the recipient of the ALMA AwardsYoung Trailblazer Award.

She also is a frequent featured speaker at the Human Rights Campaign’s Time to Thrive conferences.

Michael Medrano Releases Sexual Fluidity-Themed Track “Fluids”

Michael Medrano is shining a light on sexual fluidity…

The up-and-coming Latino pop singer is hoping to bring forward an important discussion about the often-taboo topic with his latest single.

Michael Medrano

Medrano has released his new track “Fluids,” a pop jam all about shifting sexual preferences. 

With heavy-disco production from Zak Leeverand a flowing lava-lamp-inspired lyric video, the singer relives a drunken escapade where he sees someone he likes and acts on his feelings. “You’re way too pretty to be hooked on all these limitations,” he sings. 

In a statement to Billboard, Medrano says that the song was inspired by his experience at this year’s L.A. Pride, where he “kissed a couple girls, kissed a couple boys,” and then woke up the next morning with a hangover and a melody stuck in his head. “A couple minutes with my piano and the voice notes app and ‘Fluids’ was born,” he says.

The singer added that he knows the world often doesn’t understand the importance of embracing fluidity, so he wanted to approach it with a light-hearted touch on his new track. “Sexuality isn’t black and white, it’s a colorful spectrum with a lot of in-betweens that we should be okay with exploring,” he says. “I wanted to send that message into the world and have fun doing it; I think ‘Fluids’ does just that.”