Boza Releases Eclectic, Third Studio Album “Sin Sol”

Boza is living without sun…

The 25-year-old Panamanian singer-songwriter has released his third studio album Sin Sol.

BozaFor the new album, Boza traveled across Europe seeking inspiration for his new lyrics and sound — such as beach getaways in Spain and late-night walks in Italy.

The set kicks off with “Talismán,” a smooth hip-hop track about a failed “perfect” relationship that highlights his infectious vocal range; followed by “Sin Waze,” a sensual Afrobeats cut about euphoric love; and transitioning to “Pa’ Que Tú Me Vea,” an EDM jam that narrates the story of a man who’s convincing a girl to leave her toxic relationship.

Though he’s still rooted in the reggae plena sound that made him a household name, Boza gets experimental on his new 13-track set.

In the Dalex-assisted “Volar,” produced by Sky Rompiendo, he dips his toes in a sugary electronica melody; in “Rompeolas – Acústica,” he passionately sings over weeping guitar riffs, and in “Te Conozco” he drops a hard-hitting dancehall groove.

Reggaetón also makes a strong presence in Sin Sol, as heard in tracks like “Qué Prefieres?” with Beéle and “Booty Puty.”

The set wraps with “Ocean,” where he reels in Mexican pop star Kenia Os for a sultry Afrobeats-meets-electronic song about having undeniable chemistry.