Nicki Nicole & Maria Becerra Bring Girl Power to Tiago PZK & LIT Killah’s “Entre Nosotros” Remix

Nicki Nicole and Maria Becerra are bringing some girl power to Tiago PZK’s most recent single…

The 21-year-old Argentine rapper and singer and 21-year-old compatriot have joined voices with Tiago PZK (real name: Tiago Uriel Lezcano) and LIT Killah for the official remix of “Entre Nosotros.”

Nicki Nicole, Maria Becerra, LIT Killah, Tiago PZK

Released in the summer of 2021 via Mad Move Records/Warner Music Chile, the original track is a collaboration between Tiago and LIT, which has garnered more than 212 million views on YouTube and entered the Billboard Global 200 chart last year.

Now, the two artists have reeled in fellow Argentine stars Nicole and Becerra for a fiery remix.

Produced by Big One, the new version keeps its sultry R&B and rap fusion intact, but each artist shines in their own right with their powerhouse vocals.

“Entre Nosotros” is about a person who’s struggling to forget an ex-lover.

In the music video, helmed by director Ballve and producer Anestesia, all four artists appear to be battling their internal feelings and lying on stretchers inside a laboratory as a scientist experiments with each of their minds.

“Entre Nosotros’ is easily the most iconic song that I have until now,” Tiago, a former Billboard Latin Artist on the Rise, previously said. “It not only continues to top the charts in my country but it also opened many doors for me. Many artists and producers are interested in collaborating with me.”

Amara La Negra to Debut on VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop Miami” Next Month

Amara La Negra is ready for a little love… and hip hop.

The 26-year-old Dominican-American artist and Billboard’s Artist on the Rise last month is preparing to make her debut on VH1’s reality series Love & Hip Hop Miami.

Amara La Negra

La Negra, the daughter of a single mother who immigrated to Miami, is hoping to cross over into the American market while showing Afro-Latinas that it’s possible.

Being a part of a Latin community that rarely gets recognition and representation frustrates La Negra because “[Afro-Latinos have] been here and no one has really spoken about us.”

But that’s all about to change when La Negra makes her Love & Hip Hop debut. She’ll co-star in alongside rappers Trina, Trick Daddy and Gunplay

Love & Hip Hop Miami premieres on VH1 on January 1st at 9/8c.