Eddie Cibrian to Star in ESX Entertainment’s Holiday-Themed Film “A Christmas Mystery”

Eddie Cibrian is bringing a little mystery to the holiday season…

The 49-year-old Cuban American actor will star in ESX Entertainment’s holiday-themed film A Christmas Mystery.

Eddie CibrianFrom producers Ali Afshar, Daniel Aspromonte and Ava Rettke, the film will be directed by Alex Ranarivelo.

The film’s logline: 100 years ago, a strip of Santa’s magical jingle bells were discovered by a young boy in Pleasant Bay, Oregon, bringing about a century of prosperity and peace for the small town. Now, just days before Christmas, the bells are missing, and it’s up to a group of intrepid kids to solve the case, find the bells and restore the Christmas magic.

In addition to Cibrian, the cast also includes Violet McGraw, Christoph Sanders, Drew Powell, Lauren Lindsey Donzis, Santino Barnard and Leonardo Cecchi, along with with Beau Bridges and Oscar Nuñez.

HBO Max will release A Christmas Mystery on November 24.

Lopez to Star in the Holiday-Themed Film “Aloha Santa”

George Lopez is preparing for a Hawaiian holiday…

The 54-year-old Mexican American comedian/actor will star in Aloha Santa, a holiday-themed film set to begin production in Maui in December.

George Lopez

Lopez will portray Chris Cringle, the lazy, immature adopted son of Santa who inherits the Santa Claus role when his father dies. Lacking confidence in his role, he ends up crash-landing in Hawaii when he takes the sleigh out for a test drive days before Christmas. Now he must find a way home in time to make the annual gift deliveries.

Billed as Hawaii’s first Christmas movie, it’s directed by Jonathan Yudis, who co-wrote the film with Adam “Tex” Davis and Mike Davis.

Lopez most recently appeared in the film Spare Parts and voiced the character of Rafael in Rio 2. His other credits include The Smurfs 2, Escape from Planet Earth and the television series Saint George.