Bad Bunny Featured in New Edition of 2K’s Best-Selling ‘WWE 2K23’ Wrestling Title

It’s game on for Bad Bunny

The 29-year-old Puerto Rican Grammy-winning superstar is officially making his big crossover into video games; he’s featured in a new edition of 2K’s best-selling WWE 2K23 wrestling title.

Bad BunnyTake-Two Interactive’s 2K division announced the WWE 2K23 Bad Bunny Edition, available as of Friday.

Bad Bunny is a well-known WWE fan, having participated in the San Juan Street Fight at WWE’s Backlash 2023 premium live event — where he defeated Damian Priest.

Bad Bunny, WWE 2K23 Icon EditionThe playable Bad Bunny character in WWE 2K23 wears the Adidas Men’s Tech Fall 2.0 Wrestling Shoe and clothing he wore at Backlash 2023.

The news comes after Bad Bunny announced dates for his Most Wanted Tour across North America.

“Following the global success of Bad Bunny’s new album Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana last week, and his historic match at WWE Backlash in Puerto Rico, we are excited to continue to collaborate with the biggest artist in the world and continue to break records with the WWE 2K23 Bad Bunny Edition,” said Neil Lawi, WWE’s head of music.

The Bad Bunny Edition of the game is available for $139.99 (list price) and includes the WWE 2K23 Icon Edition with the Bad Bunny Superstar Pack, which features the following content: The playable version of Bad Bunny; Bad Bunny Diamond tier MyFaction EVO card, which can upgrade to Pink Diamond; Bad Bunny MyFaction logo, nameplate and background; LWO Puerto Rico shirt part for Superstar Creator; and 15,000 VC (the game’s virtual currency).

The WWE 2K23 Icon Edition also features the Ruthless Aggression Pack, featuring John Cena’s early “Prototype” character, as well as “Leviathan Batista, developmental rookie versions of Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton, the John Cena Legacy Championship and WrestleMania 22 Arena; along with other content.

Players who already own WWE 2K23 can buy the Bad Bunny Superstar Pack as a stand-alone purchase for $9.99. The Bad Bunny Bundle also is available for $89.99; that includes the WWE 2K23 Cross-Gen Standard Edition, the Bad Bunny Superstar Pack, Bad Bunny Bonus Pack and 32,500 VC.

Bad Bunny Trash-Talks Himself in New Promo for NBC’s Upcoming Episode of “Saturday Night Live”

Bad Bunny’s seeing double

In the latest Saturday Night Live promo, the 29-year-old Puerto Rican Grammy-winning superstar, this week’s host, squares off against this week’s musical guest, who so happens to be Bad Bunny.

Bad BunnyRiffing on the singer-actor’s professed love for professional wrestling, the promo features cast member James Austin Johnson as a WWE-style announcer interviewing a rather soft-spoken “Benito” – Bad Bunny’s birth name is Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio – who says he’s not nervous about the hosting gig. “Hell, no. I love being silly,” says Benito.

At that point, a tougher-looking opponent enters the “ring” to smoke and a heavy metal accompaniment. “Oh my God!,” says Johnson. “It’s Bad Bunny!”

“Well, I’ve got a Weekend Update for you, amigo,” says the sunglass-wearing Bunny to Benito. “You suck.”

Bad Bunny, who was an SNL musical guest on February 20, 2021, has made regular appearances on WWE’s weekly television show Monday Night Raw.

The singer-rapper released his fifth solo album, Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana, on October 13. He also appears in the 2023 biopic Cassandro starring Gael García Bernal as gay wrestler Saúl Armendáriz aka Cassandro.

Dany Garcia’s XFL to Merge with USFL

Dany Garcia is preparing for a merger…

The XFL, whose latest revival as a springtime alternative to the NFL has been steered by the 54-year-old Cuban American film producer and businesswoman and her ex-husband Dwayne Johnson , is merging with the USFL.

Dany GarciaA brief announcement on Thursday indicated the plan, but offered no details, saying more would be announced “at a later date.”

Both leagues have been operating under the shadow of not only the NFL, which occupies vast real estate in terms of player talent and the public’s attention, but also their own back stories.

Prior to being acquired in 2020 by Johnson, Garcia and RedBird Capital for $15 million, the XFL had been the passion project of Vince McMahon, the longtime head of the WWE. Reprising a previous venture with NBC, which sought to draft off the WWE’s edgy showmanship but wound up one of primetime television’s most notorious turkeys, the XFL 2.0 was a more buttoned-down affair. Even so, the upstart league was aiming to stir things up with an array of newer rules and a looser approach than the NFL.

The USFL, meanwhile, had similarly looked to challenge the NFL but a bit more head-on. In its first incarnation in the 1980s, the league self-destructed when it attempted to move into the fall and go head-to-head with the NFL. That first iteration ended in a legal mess. Decades later, it was revived with an unusual joint broadcast deal with both NBC and Fox, with Fox also taking a minority stake in the league.

“Subject to customary regulatory approvals and if the transaction is consummated, the new league will establish best-in-class operations based on the most recent seasons of both leagues,” today’s announcement said. “This historic combination will anchor professional spring football with substantial capabilities and resources to ensure future growth and continue to enhance the development of the collective players, coaches, and staff that are coming together.”

Hope springs eternal for a challenger to come along and gain enough momentum to survive as a legitimate “other” pro football league, but history is littered with failed attempts like the WFL and the AAF. As gargantuan as the TV audience for the NFL remains, it is far from clear whether viewers will turn out in anywhere near the same numbers for players and teams populated by far lower-profile names. The USFL Championship last July drew about 1.16 million viewers on NBC, about double the regular-season average. The XFL title game a few weeks later pulled in 1.43 million viewers on ABC.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day. This league isn’t going to be built in a day,” Johnson told USA Today last summer. “It’s day-by-day, year over year.”

Prime Video Releases Trailer for Gael García Bernal’s Gay Lucha Libra Luchador Film “Cassandro”

Gael García Bernal is wrestling with his future…

Amazon Prime has released the official trailer for Cassandro, starring the 44-year-old Mexican actor/producer and Bad Bunny.

Gael García Bernal, Amazon Prime, Cassandro, The film is based on the life of the wrestling and queer icon Cassandro, also known as the Liberace of Lucha Libre.

In the two-minute clip, the audience is introduced to Saúl Armendáriz (García Bernal) from El Paso, Texas, who dreams of becoming professional luchador after his father first introduced him to the sport. In the process, he transforms into Cassandro, an “exótico” who wrestles in drag.

“Are you a wrestler?” Bad Bunny asks García Bernal in the film’s new trailer. “Yes,” the Mexican actor responds. That’s the first interaction between the two in the teaser. Later in the clip, they are dancing, and there’s a first look at Bad Bunny as one of Cassandro’s love interests.

Roberta Colindrez, Perla de la Rosa, Joaquín Cosío and Raúl Castillo round out the biopic’s cast.

The world of wrestling is familiar to Bad Bunny. In 2021, the Grammy-winning Puerto Rican superstar ventured into the wrestling world by jumping off the top rope at the 2021 Royal Rumble. Most recently, the “Me Porto Bonito” singer defeated Damian Priest in a San Juan Street Fight at WWE’s premium live event Backlash in May.

After making its world premiere at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival in January, Cassandro is set to hit theaters on September 15, and will premiere on Prime Video Sept. 22.

Bad Bunny Defeats Damian Priest in Hellacious San Juan Street Fight at “WWE Backlash” Event

Bad Bunny is experiencing some serious backlash

The 29-year-old Puerto Rican superstar defeated his former friend-turned-foe Damian Priest in a hellacious San Juan Street Fight at WWE’s premium live event Backlash on Saturday night.

Bad BunnyThe build-up to the match was dramatic: last month, Bad Bunny involved himself in a skirmish between Priest’s villainous group, The Judgment Day, and WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio. Priest — the stable’s muscle — showcased his unrelenting power, chokeslamming his former friend through a table. 

Weeks later, Bad Bunny returned the favor, mercilessly attacking Priest with a kendo stick and challenging him to a San Juan Street Fight at the same show he would be hosting in Puerto Rico.

On Friday (May 5), Bad Bunny and Priest engaged in a face-off at the Backlash press conference, where the two exchanged verbal and physical blows. Priest shoved bad Bunny, and the musical titan sealed things with a slap, setting the table for Saturday night’s hotly anticipated showdown.

Saturday night at Coliseo de Puerto Rico José Miguel Agrelot, bad Bunny reveled in the hometown fervor, soaking in the electricity from the sold-out crowd.

Sauntering down the ramp to his 2017 song “Chambea,” Bad Bunny had a supermarket cart with several weapons on display, including kendo sticks, trash cans, and a bicycle chain. The 20-minute brawl was a battle of attrition. Priest’s brute strength and Bad Bunny’s daredevil abilities highlighted the clash of styles and had wrestling aficionados buzzing.

Bad Bunny dazzled as he landed an array of moves, most notably a tornado DDT from the top turnbuckle. To continue his high-flying antics, Bunny delivered a cross-body drop to Priest on the outside, leaving the big man stunned. While Benito flexed his surge of offense, Priest was equally dominant and merciless. He attacked Bad Bunny with kendo sticks and later slammed him through a table with a resounding Broken Arrow, causing WWE officials to check on the banged-up singer. Distraught by Priest’s onslaught, fans wondered if Bunny could continue the match, but indeed he did.

Things intensified when members of Priest’s crew, The Judgement Day, came to his rescue and began viciously assaulting Bad Bunny inside the ring. Initially, the numbers game seemed overwhelming for the hometown hero until help arrived in the form of WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio and former WWE Puerto Rican legends Savio Vega and Carlito. A vicious battle ensued between Priest’s faction and Bad Bunny’s allies, which later increased after Mysterio’s LWO crew came out and assisted in the efforts. Embroiled in combat outside the ring left Priest and Bad Bunny back where they started — inside the square circle.

After Priest escaped a figure-four leglock submission, a hobbled Bad Bunny attempted to end the match with a Sliced Bread No. 2, but to no avail, as Priest kicked out before the three count. Bad Bunny’s signature move, the Bunny Destroyer, would leave Priest in the dust as he secured the three count and was triumphantly lifted in the air by his LWO peers in the middle of the ring.

The match was one of the night’s best, as Bad Bunny proved why he’s a hit in and out of the ring.

Bad Bunny Takes Down Damian Priest in Surprise “WWE Monday Night Raw” Appearance

Bad Bunny has returned to the ring…

The 29-year-old Puerto Rican Grammy-winning superstar shocked wrestling fans by making a surprise appearance during WWE Monday Night Raw to brawl with Damian Priest on Monday, April 24.

Bad BunnyBad Bunny made his grand entrance wearing a brown cowboy hat, oversize orange button-down and light-wash jeans and wielding a kendo stick, just before Priest was about to finish off Rey Mysterio for throwing a steel chair at his face.

“It feels like it’s gonna pop off here in Chicago!” the announcer exclaimed as Bad Bunny entered the ring, staring down his opponent with a determined glint in his eye. “And here we go!” At that point, the “Tití Me Preguntó” rapper nailed Priest twice with the kendo stick — walloping him once in the stomach and again in the back before sending him flying out of the ring.

Bad Bunny’s surprise attack came as retribution for Priest sending him through the announcer’s table with a choke-slam a few weeks ago during another episode of Monday Night Raw, leaving the Latin sensation in need of (scripted) medical attention.


Billboards top artist of 2022 was originally set to host WWE Backlash in his native Puerto Rico on May 6, but is now slated to take on Priest once more in a “Street Fight,” hopefully settling their rivalry for good.

Bad Bunny just wrapped up his star-powered headlining slot at Coachella during weekend 2 and released “un x100to,” his new collaboration with Grupo Frontera, which earned the pop star his 60th top 10 hit on the Hot Latin Songs chart.

Josh Segarra Wants to Form Pro Wrestling Tag Team With Bad Bunny

Josh Segarra is hoping to enter the wrestling ring…

The 36-year-old Puerto Rican actor says he’s ready to put his decades-long fandom of professional wrestling into practice.

Josh SegarraThe Scream VI and The Other Two actor is hoping to join other celebrities who’ve taken to the ring throughout WWE’s history, most recently including Logan Paul and Bad Bunny.

In an interview with E! Online, Segarra revealed that he’s waiting on a call from WWE.

“I’m ready. I’ve got promos I can cut right now on whoever they need me to. You want me to go face or heel? You want me to take bumps? I’ll go over the top rope in the Royal Rumble!”

He even already has a story in mind, wanting to team up with fellow celebrity wrestler Bad Bunny, saying:

“Let me tag up with my boy Bad Bunny.”

Bad Bunny is set to host the upcoming WWE Backlash event in Puerto Rico, with him likely set to wrestle on the show, teaming with Rey Mysterio against Damien Priest and Dominik Mysterio.

Segarra has long been connected to the world of wrestling himself, even supporting the corner of his Arrow co-star Stephen Amell during his match at All Elite Wrestling‘s All In in 2018.

Bad Bunny to Host WWE’s Live Event “Backlash” in Puerto Rico

Bad Bunny will be experiencing some backlash at home…

The 28-year-old Puerto Rican global superstar and Grammy winner will host Backlash, WWE’s live event set to take place on May 6 at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico José Miguel Agrelot in San Juan.

Bad Bunny“In 2005 when I was a kid, I wasn’t able to attend New Year’s Revolution at el Coliseo,” the Puerto Rican hitmaker said in a statement. “Finally, 18 years later WWE returns to the island with a massive event, and this time I won’t miss it.”

“We’re excited to bring Backlash to San Juan as the demand for WWE premium live events outside of the continental United States continues to grow,” added WWE chief content officer Paul “Triple H” Levesque. “Bad Bunny is one of the world’s most popular entertainers and nowhere is that more evident than in his native Puerto Rico.”

Bad Bunny’s love for WWE is no secret. In 2021, the “Booker T” singer had a stint during a tag-team match against The Miz and John Morrison at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Fla., for WrestleMania 37.

Most recently, video game company 2K released a first look at Bad Bunny in WWE 2K23, the newest installment of the WWE video game franchise. From hitting the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania rings in 2021 to becoming a virtual playable character, Bad Bunny flaunts his wrestling skills in a new 40-second trailer.

This is the first time the artist has appeared in the game.

More info on tickets for Backlash on the WWE’s website.

Bad Bunny’s Likeness Featured in “WWE 2K23, the Newest Installment of WWE Video Game Franchise

Bad Bunny is getting in the game…

This week, video game company 2K released a first look at the 28-year-old Puerto Rican superstar in WWE 2K23, the newest installment of the WWE video game franchise.

Bad Bunny

From hitting the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania rings in 2021 to becoming a virtual playable character, Bad Bunny is seen flaunting his wrestling skills in a new 40-second trailer.

This is the first time the artist has appeared in the game.

WWE 2K23 is the newest installment of the flagship WWE video game franchise developed by Visual Concepts.

It will be coming soon for PlayStation 5 (PS5), PlayStation 4 (PS4™), Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via Steam.

Brie & Nikki Bella to Host Amazon’s Social Dating Competition Series “Twin Love”

Brie and Nikki Bella are twinning in love.

Amazon has ordered a new competition series Twin Love, hosted by the 39-year-old half-Mexican American WWE stars and twin sisters.

Brie & Nikki BellaAmazon has greenlit the series from ITV Entertainment. It will air on Prime Video and in the U.S. and UK and premiere simultaneously on free streamer Freevee.

Twin Love is a social dating experiment that explores the love lives of identical twins. Ten sets of twins will be split up and placed into two houses of identical casts, where they’ll begin a unique and compelling search for love.

The series will discover if their inherent similarities extend to their romantic desires. When separated from their twin brothers and sisters—some for the first time ever—will they pursue the same identical partners? Or will their choices be dramatically different?

The series, which will launch this summer, is based on a Dutch format created by ITV Studios Netherlands; the latest format to come out of the country responsible for Big Brother, The Voice and The Traitors.

Twin Love is a social dating experience like no other, blending the specificity of being a twin—someone born, quite literally, with a biological soulmate—with the universality of being single and searching for lasting romantic love,” said Lauren Anderson, head of AVOD Original Content and Unscripted Programming, Amazon Studios.

Brie and Nikki, the former wrestling duo, have starred in a number of reality series including E!’s hit Total Divas and Total Bellas.